On this page you can download an installer for Bagpipe Player
that works on 32- & 64-bit Windows systems

I have only made a task easy for many people out there, I cannot provide any support or anything regarding the use of Bagpipe Player!

*Please note* For users of Internet Explorer it might be necessary to right-click and choose "Save target as" - Download as .exe-file here.
In case you can't download the above file then download as .zip-file here

If you intent to use the help-files included and uses either Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8 you need an additional file.
For Windows Vista you can get the file here, for Windows 7 it is obtained here and for Windows 8 it is obtained here.

Before installing make sure to read the instructions below for a proper experience:
1) Download the installer as either binary(.exe) or packed(.zip)
2) Navigate to the destination of your new file.
3) Right-click on the file BP-player.exe and choose "Run as administrator"
    Else the required fonts may fail to install (limitation in Windows).
4) When the application have been installed navigate to the installation-directory.
5) Right-click on BGPlayer.exe and choose "Run as administrator" - Only first time though.
6) Now enjoy your version of Bagpipe Player.


This piece of software DOES NOT include any spyware whatsoever.
This piece of software DOES NOT do any harm to your PC regardless of what Internet Explorer tells you.
It is not harmfull in any way. Maybe only addictive.


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Best regards
Alexander Andersen/MightyCoder